Creating A Shabby Chic Bedroom

15 Jun

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A shabby chic bedroom brings a touch of romance and comfort to your home decor. It’s warm, inviting and if done properly can also be very elegant. Upon walking into a shabby chic bedroom you may get the feeling of walking into an old English room where the design is harmonious and everything fits beautifully together. To help you bring this look and feel to your bedroom here are some shabby chic decorating tips to get you started.

Select Your Colorstory

The first step in creating a shabby chic bedroom (or any other room for that matter) is to decide on your color story. While white is the most popular color for this style, neutrals and pastels also play an important role. French blue is ideal because it lends a sense of serenity so you can sleep more peacefully. Light grey and camel are more modern, but work just as well. There are many soft colors for you to choose from and in this case it’s ok to decide to work with three or four of them because they can easily complement each other.

Get Distressed

Distressed furnishings are vital when creating a shabby chic bedroom because they have character and bring dimension to the room. If you have classic looking furniture you can get this look by purchasing some thick chains or a hammer and beating on the wood until it appears to be worn out. Just be careful not to overdo it or you’ll break the furniture and will be forced to purchase something new. On the other hand, you can purchase furniture that appears to be worn and is relatively inexpensive at garage and estate sales.

Smell The Roses

Flowers add color and a sense of romance to the shabby chic bedroom so they should be used to highlight every aspect of your decor. Painting flowers on the furniture is a popular way to do this but you can also paint the walls or hang up paintings of floral bouquets. Using fabrics that have flowers or setting a vase of fresh flowers in the room is also a nice touch.

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Use Multiple Prints

Mixing flowers, stripes and checks will create dimension and add color to your shabby chic bedroom. While it’s not advisable to use them all on one piece of furniture or accessory, you can use them all throughout the room. For example, you can paint thick stripes and flowers on the walls or lay out a floral and check bedding. If the main coloring in your room is white, these prints will be exceptionally interesting.

Brighten Up

It’s vital that you leave the curtains open and install good lighting fixtures throughout the room. This will help to bring attention to the details in the room and to allow the soft colors you’ve chosen to really shine. Hanging a chandelier is a good way to bring elegance to the room. If you like the idea of a chandelier but don’t want to go too grand you can either hang a few small ones throughout the room or use fancier wall fixtures. If you still prefer something more simple, then you can use decorative lamps but don’t forget that they should appear to be vintage looking.

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Mirror, Mirror

Hanging a large mirror on the wall is a win-win for any bedroom. It’s a good way to reflect light so that the room appears to brighter. It’s also a good way to make the bedroom appear to be bigger than it really is. Just be sure to have a gold antique frame around it for that romantic, elegant look.

Layer But Don’t Clutter

Many people think that in order to create a shabby chic bedroom that they have to pile on the accessories. This is not the case at all. While it’s a good idea to toss some throw pillows onto the bed or put a vase of flowers on a nightstand with a decorative piece of fabric around it, the point is that it should still look clean. You want harmony in your technique, not clutter.

Once you’ve created your shabby chic bedroom sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

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2 Responses to “Creating A Shabby Chic Bedroom”

  1. Olga June 15, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    Never thought that mustard wall paint, like the one on 3rd pic, can actually look good in the bedroom. Leave & learn.

    • Aleya June 19, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

      Yeah, I love seeing how other people put things together.