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Fashion and art have been influencing each other since the inventions of the paintbrush and sewing needle. Artists paint people wearing the latest trends in order to portray a sense of time. Designers on the other hand get influenced by old and modern artwork alike and use the emotions and symmetry that the artists portray in their work in their latest collections. This is taken to the next level sometimes when the artist turns into a designer or vice versa. Here are some examples of fashion art design to give you a clearer picture of how art and fashion come together.


Designer Issey Miyake started out as a graphic designer and later on turned into the master of pleats. Each and every one of his garments is created in a manner where the wearer is comfortable and the garment, although fitted with thousands of pleats, always looks pristine. Miyake is also known to have a love of architecture and often incorporates his their symmetry into his clothing lines.


Just as Andy Warhol was influenced by Marilyn Monroe and Campebell soup cans, designer Jeremy Scott is inspired by Coca Cola and Superman in his latest collection. In his previous collections, he featured all sort of decorative and right prints, dazzling accessories and show stopping creations all of which are inspirational examples of fashion art design. Although he’s the youngest designer on this list, his talent and creativity has made him popular amongst fashionistas who like to stand out in the crowd including Rihanna and Madonna.


Gianni Versace was known for his vibrant, sexy dresses that left little to the imagination. However, his talents were much more broad and we saw this when he started to design costumes for the ballet and the opera. While he may have shown a little less skin, Versace still created masterpieces of boldly colored costumes with intricate detailing.













Vivienne Westwood is known to be one of the most creative designers of all time. From creating padded skirts to Scottish gowns you can find influences from a variety of artists, timelines and cultures in all of her creations. While most people shy away from her over the top garments, Westwood has a loyal following of rich and famous clients including Gwen Stefani.

It’s no wonder that fashion and art go hand in hand so well together.

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Image Source for Versace: Irene Brination

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      The main dress? It’s by Dior- one of my faves.

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