Hardt vs Mioku: The Battle Of Botched DIY Cosmetic Surgery

26 Apr

As the popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures increases, a small number of people are taking plastic surgery into their own hands. The most common type of procedure emulated at home is an injection of facial filler. As this procedure is done as an outpatient procedure and does not require any cutting or stitching, just a few injections into specific locations on the face can fulfill your desire for beauty. Two individuals had proven this new craze – two different horrifying stories of injecting household substances as facial filler had woken up the evil side of plastic surgery.

Fried Face
Hang Mioku, a 48-year-old Korean woman, started experimenting with cosmetic facial procedures in her late 20′s. She continued to have cosmetic surgery on her face to the point that her face was disfigured and her plastic surgeons said it was unethical to continue operating on her.

Hang Mioku seemed to exhibit the patterns of addiction to cosmetic surgery. She did not see how disfigured her face had become, yet she still thought she needed more work. Her family convinced her to seek help with her mental disorder, but she eventually stopped treatment because it cost too much. Mioku started self-injecting medical-grade silicone into her face at home, but when the silicone was gone, she started using cooking oil as an alternative. She eventually had surgery to reduce the size of her face, which had become inflated with foreign substances.









Oh my Beef!
Like Hang Mioku, another woman performed DIY cosmetic facial surgery with self-injections. Janet Hardt, who lived in Chicago, boiled beef to render the fat from the meat. She then took the beef fat, still warm, and injected it into her face as a facial filler. Hardt had allegedly performed this procedure several times before she admitted herself to the hospital due to the burns it caused to her face.

Experts believe that this was due to a localized allergic reaction to the animal proteins found in the beef fat, and not an actual burn from the fat itself. While in the hospital, Janet Hardt died from a surprisingly unrelated gastrointestinal infection. At the time, she was suffering an infection in her lips from the self-injections, but this was a different infection from the one that ultimately killed her.











DIY All-You-Can
This do-it-yourself trend shows that plastic surgery is not just popular among celebrities and the wealthy; there is also a high demand for surgical procedures intended to improve appearance among the middle class. Some would argue that this is due to influence from celebrities, but others would say that people have an innate desire to improve their appearance regardless of their monetary means. DIY plastic surgery is extremely dangerous, however. You may be saving money for the cost of the procedures, but the chance of the procedures being botched is very high and surgery to repair the results may end up costing much, and a worse effect.

Injections of facial filler and other cosmetic procedures should only be performed by the best plastic surgeons. A reputable cosmetic surgeon is one that has been board certified and who has lots of experience performing the procedure that the patient is interested in having done. You can also read patient testimonials for particular surgeons, although these are anecdotal evidence and they are selected so that the good testimonials are the ones that are published. The best way to find a cosmetic surgeon is to look at their credentials and set up a consultation where you can meet them and discuss the procedure that you want to have. A good surgeon is one that is qualified and one that you can trust.


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Image source for Hang Mioku: Diabolik

Image source for Janet Hardt: Wrestling With Retirement

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