5 Phenomenal MAC Eyeshadow Reviews

18 Apr

While I love brightly colored shadows on other people, I’m a natural looking makeup girl at heart which is why I love these five MAC eye shadows that I’m about to tell you about for my daytime as well as my nighttime looks. Some of these shadows are known to be amongst MAC’s best sellers which are really something considering that they offer such a wide selection. Now on to swatches and more about why these colors are so popular.


The MAC Kid eyeshadow is a nude color that depending on the color of your skin can actually blend in so completely that it can be difficult to separate from your actual skin tone. During the winter when I don’t have a tan, it has the slightest touch of pink so that it makes my lids look tanned but during the summer it simply matches the rest of my face. This makes it perfect to use either as a base color or as one that you would use to blend when doing a smokey eye look.

MAC All That Glitters

The All That Glitters MAC eyeshadow is a shimmery pink color with gold undertones making it an ideal color for both day and night. You can use it on its own or blend it with other neutral colors for a more sophisticated look.



MAC Woodwinked

The MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow is a gorgeous metallic shade of bronze that has a touch of gold in it. It’s a very versatile shadow because you can blend it with other neutral colors as well as darker colors for a more sultry look. You can also use it to fill in creases so that your eye makeup gets a little more dimension. Personally I wouldn’t wear Woodwinked during the day, but if you’re a more creative type then you can definitely incorporate it into your style.

MAC Saddle

MAC Saddle is a matte brown color with a soft orange undertone which makes my eyes appear to be brighter, more alert and absolutely gorgeous. I think that Saddle is the most versatile color of this group because it blends so nicely with any shadow color out there, can be blended or used alone and depending on how you use it can go from day to night. This is a must have for all women regardless of their skin tone.

MAC Girlie

MAC Girlie is a mauve pink eyeshadow that has the slightest touch of shimmer. I found that I always returned the darker pinks that I’ve tried but this one was a keeper because it’s such an easy shade to wear, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like to much pigment in my pinks.

All of these shadows are easy to apply and blend. They have excellent staying power so that you don’t have to worry about touching up your makeup in the middle of the day. I highly recommend all of them and make sure to have a full pot of each of them in my makeup drawer at all times.

Have you tried any of these colors? What are your must have shadow colors?

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