Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Review

3 Apr

I’m horrible at applying liquid liner. The fact that I smudge it constantly doesn’t even matter because the line that I draw is so shaky that it appears as though I’ve done my makeup in the middle of an earthquake. I found that pencil liners are easier to use but they don’t give the same results. Enter Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes. This pencil combines the simplicity of a pencil liner with the glamour of liquid liner so that even a goof like me can get smoldering eyes without much effort and a lot of hassle.

I found that the tip of the pencil was very soft and the color went on light so that I had to layer it on a couple of times to get a prominant shiny black line. The great thing about this is that the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes pencil doesn’t let you mess up so badly that you have to redo your makeup all over again. If you make a mistake all you have to do is go over it and you’re covered.

The line is a little on the thick side so if you’re into cat eyes or if you just prefer a line that’s more pronounced you’re sure to get it. I also find that this feature works wonders in helping you out when blending while doing smokey eyes because it not only looks great but it cuts down your workload.

All in all a great purchase that I plan on having in my makeup bag at all times.

Have you tried Aqua Eyes? What are your thoughts on it?

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