3 Awesome Spring 2012 Hair Trends

15 Mar

Spring is known as the time for change, so what better way to celebrate the season than to go for a dramatic new hairstyle? With the bleak days of winter melting away, the new colors and sounds of spring make the perfect setting for a woman to experiment with new hairstyles and find a cut that embraces the freshness and warming weather of the season. The following examples of spring hairstyles are modern takes on classic cuts and are a great way for a woman to greet the warmer months feeling confident about her looks.



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Combining an angular cut with a soft texture is a perfect way to show balance and contrast through the early spring months. At the heart of this cut is choosing a light color that blends well with the usual pastel fashion that comes into style during this time of the year. Strawberry blonde makes an excellent color choice and adds an extra punch of color to get rid of the gray of winter. This light cut is best for women that have medium hair and is easy maintenance, requiring only five to ten minutes each day to look its best after conditioning.











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For some women, spring hair means getting rid of ponytails and letting it all hang out. This style will let a woman take full advantage of the warmer weather and expose hair that could have been mostly hidden through the winter months. A simple center part and a slight tease at the ends give this hairstyle plenty of texture and a windblown look that will match well to the season. Working best for women with darker hair, some contrast can be added with highlights for those with the darkest hair tones. Lighter haired women may want to wait until summer to let loose with their longer hair.











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For those women that want a real change to match the weather, going for a short cut with colored highlights may be just what the doctor ordered. This modern cut uses a traditional and classic shape, but adds a heavy dose of color to give it vibrance. Uneven layers and jagged cuts give the style a carefree look and the short cut will allow women to finally feel the sun’s rays on their head after months of dormancy. Women with lighter hair may wish to substitute the blue with a purple or red color, which will add better contrast.

With the coming of spring, a woman should be ready to get rid of not only the heavy clothes of winter, but also shed a heavy haircut that is meant more for warmth and protection. The choices for a new spring hairstyle are myriad and the many options means a woman is sure to be able to find at least one that she likes. For extra inspiration and to see what trends will dominate the spring, a woman can research warmer climates to see which styles are seeing plenty of action and adapt them to meet her own personal desires.

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