Beauty Trends For Spring 2012

6 Mar

The beauty trends for spring 2012 are out in full force and offer an innovative and futuristic feel to your daily look. Here are a five of the more popular and playful looks that you can play and have fun with.

Cat Eyes








Draw a thick and elongated line for a smoldering cat eye look that’s great for a night out. While liquid liner works best to create a smooth line, you can also use a pencil liner such as Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes liner which has a smoother finish.

Futuristic Eye Makeup











There are a variety of ways that you can apply your eye shadow with the influence of the spring 2012 beauty trends. You can either use a metallic liner to draw a streak right above your eye lid, use metallic eye shadow all over your eye area or use a bright shadow on your lids. The key is to experiment and not shy away from the bold and edgy look that you are trying to achieve.

Playful Lashes








Go crazy dolling up those lashes by adding jewels, feathers or metallic colored mascara to them and don’t forget to make them extra-long. If you prefer natural looking lashes then use three coats of black mascara so that your eyes are framed by dramatically luscious looking lashes.

Sun Kissed Cheeks











The key here is to look as if you’ve been outdoors and have gotten a little color in your cheeks. Coral or brown blush does a better job at achieving this feel than pink blush. For a more tan look and a little sparkle skip the blush and apply bronzer to your T zone area (forehead, nose and chin).

Thick Brows











Chanel your inner Jennifer Connelly and let those brows grow like nature intended them to grow. However, just because your brows are going to be bigger than usual it doesn’t mean that you should let the strays take over like weeds so be sure to pluck them for a clean look. If you have thin eye brows and want to grow them,  try burning a piece of coconut with a match and spreading the ashes over your brow area every day for two weeks. Sounds weird but it works.

All of spring 2012 beauty trends can be tied together with red lipstick in tones ranging from an iridescent red to a burgundy for a more sophisticated look. For those days that you want to tone it down go ahead and go with the natural makeup look.

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