How To Dress Slimmer Fast

28 Feb

Whether you’re hitting the gym regularly or not chances are that you always want to look your best. In the case of many women this means that besides looking fashionable, you also want to slimmer and wear clothes that compliment your figure. Here are a few easy to follow tips on how to dress to look slimmer so that you know that you look good and have a sense of confidence when you walk out the door.



Don’t Wear Baggy Clothes

Banana Republic

Many women wear baggy clothes to hide bulges and rolls that make them feel unattractive. The problem with this is that oversized clothes add volume to your size so that you appear to be bigger than you are. Since your goal is to look thinner, skip the baggy and go for clothes that skim over your body and are fitted enough to show some shape.




Leave Some Space

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On the other hand, when it comes to jeans, many women tend to go too tight therefore creating a muffin top. While the smaller size may make your legs appear to be thinner, the effects of what’s going on around your waistline will be very distracting and take away from your legs. The best way to avoid this is to go a size or two bigger in your jean size so that you have just enough room to insert one finger into the waistband of the jeans comfortably.


Wear A Body Shaper


If your favorite celebrity can cheat by wearing shape wear so can you. Body shapers are great for giving you nicer looking curves and holding in the extra weight so that you can get into that sexy dress easier. My two picks for the best ones are Spanx and ShaToBu. You can read my full ShaToBu shapewear review to get a better idea of how it works and learn how to dress thinner.



Stay With One Color

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Wearing one color from head to toe is actually known to make you look thinner than you really are. While dark colors such as black, navy and brown are the most flattering for curvier women, be sure to also experiment with various shades of reds and oranges. These colors can give your attire a fun and sexy look- especially if you’re wearing them in the form of a dress.




Play Up Your Assets


The trick to making people notice your finer points is to draw their eyes to those areas. If you’re proud of your legs from the knee down try a knee length dress that hides your thighs but shows off your shapely legs. If you like your butt wear jeans that hang lower on your waist. You can also wear clothes that have ruffles or patterns leading to the area of interest.




Hold The Pleats

Elie Tahari

Pants that have pleats around the waistline will make your stomach and hips appear to be bigger and fuller. Therefore, it’s best to skip pleats and go for a flat front pant that lays down on your skin instead. In fact if you can skip any sort of pocket, ruffle or shearing you’ll be ahead of the game.




Wear Heels

Charles David

Sure flats are comfy and ballet flats are cute, however they don’t have the advantages of a pair of heels. High heels elongate your body and make you stand taller so that you look thinner fast. The thickness of the heel is not an issue but be sure to stay away from ankle straps as they can make your ankles look bigger.

Keeping these tips in mind should help you dress to look slimmer. However, none of them will be complete if you don’t sit and walk straight so don’t forget to sit up and keep your back straight. Good luck and stay beautiful.

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