Austin-Tatious Turquoise

16 Feb


My new favorite nail polish color is Austin-Tatious Turquoise by Opi. It’s a brilliant shade of turquoise that is so beautiful that it can be worn like a fashion accessory. Indoors, the color appears to have tiny specks of glitter in it. However, even though it doesn’t sparkle it still has a lot of dimension and personality. In the sun however, the polish comes to life and shimmers so that it’s truly captivating.

There’s also an added bonus with this nail polish and that is that the polish doesn’t chip easily. You’re a busy woman. You go to school or work, have kids, run errands and so on. Do you really want to look at your nails after three days to see that they’re chipped? The Austin-Tatious Turquoise stayed on without chipping for over a week. The only change that I noticed was that towards the end the color started to appear to be more iridescent, but still beautiful.

Although I wouldn’t recommend the Austin-Tatious Turquoise for a black tie event, it’s definitely a color that you can wear for a night out or even at work- depending on the industry you work in that is. It’s fun, vibrant and draws attention.

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