7 Tips On White Room Decor

2 Feb

When done properly white home decor can make the room appear to be light, fresh, relaxing and even romantic. On the other hand if you don’t know how to use the color properly you can create a sterile environment better suited for a hospital room instead. Here are a few tips on how to do a white room decor easily and effectively.


Know Your Whites

There are dozens of different shades and tones of this versatile color. Benjamin Moore alone offers 151 different options, including Chantilly lace, snow white, barely there and distant gray.  However not all whites are created equally. There are those shades that have a warm undertone and others that are on the cool side. Warmer shades give the room a more comfortable feel so that it’s more welcoming to your guests. Cool shades create a more modern feel.

Mix And Match

Although you can use several different whites in your decor you may find that using up to three different shades that complement each other will work to your advantage. This combination will give depth to the room and create a symmetry between the colors.

Add Texture

A must for white home décor is using texture to give the room dimension. You can do this by using throw pillows, vases, curtains, furry rugs and other décor accessories.










Add A Pop Of Color

Placing objects throughout the room that are bright such as turquoise or orange will give a shocking jolt of energy to the space. Once again the best way to go about doing this is to place small accessories throughout the room. If you like this idea but want to tone it down a little you can use calmer colors such as camel, black or grey.

Play With Your Lighting

Although white is known to make an area look brighter and more spacious in general you should take some time to consider the kind of lighting you want to use to create the best possible look and feel. If you are targeting a more romantic feel insert lights that you can dim. For a modern feel you should flood the space with lights.

Elegant Flooring

There are two very distinctive and luxurious ways that you can make your floor bring out the best of your white room decor. You can either put down white marble tiles or you can throw down some dark hardwood floors. Although the marble is pricey, it will make the room appear to be grander in size and will also make the atmosphere brighter and cleaner. Wood flooring on the other hand will make the room appear to be cozier and more modern depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. You can also put down some tiles if you want to save money.











Dazzling Countertops

Using a granite countertop in your kitchen and bath will create a beautiful environment that is also easy to maintain. You can easily find quality granite countertops in white that are speckled with color and have a personality all their own.

If you have small kids in the house then you may want to refrain from doing an all-white decor in the living and dining rooms because the kids will get food, dirt and marker all over everything before you even finish decorating.  However this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this style in the other rooms in the home. Good luck and enjoy.

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