Laura Geller Review

27 Jan

I’ve been hearing about Laura Geller Makeup for a while now so I was very excited to try one of her baked beauty products- in particular the Blush And Brighten. The draw to her products for me is that she blends or marbleizes colors together so that they create a powder that can be used on any skin type. So if you have sensitive, dry or oily skin this should be a good product for you.

The Laura Geller Blush And Brighten color that I opted for was honey dipped. It’s a golden bronze color that makes my skin appear to be sun kissed and healthy without looking overly done. I love the shimmery specks that are found throughout it because they really accentuate my cheekbones which don’t stand out as much as I would like them to. And to top it off the color can go from day to night without much of a touch up.








The blush went on dry but it was very easy to apply and spread and as mentioned before it has good staying power. The one thing that I should warn you about if you’ve never tried the Blush And Brighten is that a little goes a long way so take it easy when dabbing your makeup brush into the powder. My first time around I looked like a clown and had to start over again.

Although the Laura Geller Blush And Brighten is meant to be a blush I find that it’s also a spectacular eye shadow for the very same reasons that it’s a great blush. There are eight colors available for you to choose from so if you want something that has more of a pink or coral undertone you won’t have a problem finding it. Just head to Laura Geller to see which color blend is right for you.

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One Response to “Laura Geller Review”

  1. Olga January 29, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Never tried her products, don’t even know why. Now I feel like I should, that blush looks beautiful.