The Latest Michael Kors Women’s Watches

18 Jan

Michael Kors has created an empire around his brand. His apparel, shoes, bags and wallets are well known to the mainstream consumer and now his women’s watches are also becoming very popular. There are two reasons for the popularity of Michael Kors women’s watches – great design and a reasonable price. Here are some of our favorites of the season.



The white watches are anything but plain and can be worn all year round. Each style is accented in a manner that makes it pop with brilliant color so that the design can complete your look without the use of other accessories. My favorite of this group is the clear band with the iridescent and gold face.


Many of the white watches are from the ceramic collection and come in white. The downplayed wristbands are dressed up with shiny gold or silver detailing around the face so that they can go from day to night and you can get the most out of it.


Silver watches have a more modern feel to them and add a radiant look to your outfit. All Michael Kors silver watches are made from stainless steel so that they won’t rust easily and will look new for years to come.








Two Tone

Try a two tone watch to incorporate one of the hottest trends of the year- color blocking. This way you’ll not only look great but the versatility of color will keep you interested in your watch longer so that you won’t be hunting for a new one fast.


A classic and versatile color is gold. This warm color looks great against any skin tone and will never go out of style.

The price range for one of these watches is generally between $160 and $375. Well worth it for a quality, water resistant watch.  Check out more Michaels Kors watches  on

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