Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

13 Jan

Sephora has launched a new line of shadows called Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow. The brand promises to deliver ‘prismatic shine, lush texture and lavish color’ and has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Sephora site. It’s also paraben free  which makes me feel like Sephora cares about its customers and wants to give them only the best. So of course I had to try it out one of their ten shades to see if they really deliver- after all I am a beauty blogger.





The first thing that I noticed is the way they packaged the shadow. It’s very artistic and beautiful to look at and I can’t help but notice the luminosity of the shadow. Light literally shines off of it and I had no choice but try each one of them to see how they look on. I purchased the Moon Beam 05 because I’m more of a neutral type of girl. The color is a shimmery opal with a tint of pink so that it can be used as a base color and go from day to night.

The Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow has a creamy yet dry feel that goes on easily and blends smoothly. Once on, it stays on so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your makeup needs freshening and even hours of wear it continues to shine. Sephora suggested dampening your brush for a more sophisticated look so I gave that a try but don’t feel like it’s necessary because it dilutes the shine a bit. Check out the swatch below and see if you agree.

I wore it out during the day because the shimmer lifted my spirits but this shadow will work magic for a night out and so I’m definitely going to pick up another color. At $15 per color you can’t go wrong.

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