Conflict Free Diamonds by 77 Diamonds

11 Jan

77 Diamonds (also known as Seventy Seven Diamonds) is a London based store and site that sells beautiful diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces and earrings. They have a variety of styles ranging from modern to vintage and classic so that no matter what your taste you’re sure to find something that you love. Here are a few of my favorites.

From the Vintage and the Trilogy engagement ring collections.

Loving the Channel Set and the Claw Set eternity rings.

Check out these dazzling diamond pendants and necklaces.

Beautiful diamond drops, hoops and studs.

Don’t see something you absolutely love? They also sell loose diamonds so that you can choose a shape, size and setting that work for you. Rock size range from 0.30 carats to 10 carats and color ranges from D to H. As far as settings go, you can choose from white, god or rose gold and platinum. Keep in mind that diamonds are heavy so to make sure that that gorgeous rock doesn’t suddenly fall of your engagement ring it’s best to splurge on the platinum which can get a better grip on the stone. I’m thinking of a 3 carat Asscher cut or maybe a round diamond with a 3 prong setting.













Now here’s a few more reasons to love this company:

  • Not only do they sell quality diamond jewelry, but they also sell conflict free diamonds so that your conscience can be at rest while you’re admiring your new accessories.
  • They have a diamonds certificate guarantee.
  • They offer 30 day return policy.
  • They have a best price guarantee so you know that you’re getting the best quality at the best price.
  • 77 Diamonds wraps gifts beautifully so if you’re sending one of these jewels to a loved one, they will have a great experience opening it before they even know what it is.

This article was written in conjunction with our partner – Head to their site to see their entire line and get information about how to choose a diamond 


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