Introducing Billy Cotton

22 Dec

I’ve been on the hunt for new plates and flatware that I can use every day. I want something simple that has an earthy feel and nice lines. Something that I can wash easily. Something useful. What I found was Billy Cotton. Check out my favorite pieces.

When I saw the coffee cup all I could think of is how I use to sit at a café called Le Gamin in Soho with my family every Sunday morning. The dimensions of the cup make it just the right size for that morning cappuccino to get your day started. I won’t be heading to Soho for a while now but at least I can cozy up with my big French style coffee and reminisce.













While most people prefer plates, I love eating from a bowl. There’s something that I find relaxing about holding a bowl close to me while curled up on the couch with my food. This bowl is absolutely perfect for all of my eating needs whether I’m having salad, soup or chicken. I can eat it all in this bowl and be perfectly happy.













My husband on the other hand is a plate man and this plate is lightweight and durable. The simplicity of the design is also something that he loves because while there’s detailing it’s not overly done and it can be put in the dishwasher.














Taking a jewelry making class in high school turned me into a huge fan of hammered metals because the process gives the item a personality and dimension. In the case of this hammered set of flatware you can decide whether you want to use it with a modern table design or an Italian one. Absolutely beautiful and the price of $50 isn’t so bad either.














All in all I think I’ve found my new everyday table accessories.

You can check out the rest of the line on Billy Cotton

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