The Best Tweezers Ever Are Also The Most Decorative

15 Dec

I’ve tried a lot of tweezers by many different companies and have always found Tweezerman tweezers to be the absolute best of the bunch. They manage to pick up the shortest, thinnest, thickest and most stubborn hairs there are without much of a fight. They also last forever and come in different sizes so that you can actually carry them around in your purse for an emergency clean up. However this post is not about my love for Tweezerman, it’s about their incredibly fun designs. Check these out:

Gorgeous Crystal Tweezers

If you’re a girl who likes her bling then the luxe edition crystal tweezers are for you. The tweezer itself is the traditional slant tweezer. But the embedded crystals that make it dazzle are Swarovski. If you know a tweezing addict or just take your beauty products seriously you won’t feel too bad about spending $100 on these- after all those are Swarovski crystal they used.

Artsy Crystal Tweezers

Want bling without the price tag?  The polka dot crystal tweezers are another great option. This style integrates the use of Swarovski crystals with polka dots to create a glamorous graphic feel. I’m thinking of a toss between modern art and sophisticated chic. Totally worth $40.00.




Animal Print Tweezers

Now you know that I love my animal prints so I fell in love with some of the animal print tweezers  that they offer. You have a choice of zebra, cheetah and tiger print tweezers of which the cheetah is my favorite.  All of the designs are added to their award winning slant tweezers so  that you get design and detailing all in one. You can pick up these beauties for $25.00.



Decorative Tweezers

For the girl who’s a fashionista as well as a beauty addict, Tweezerman offers several designs that they worked on with Betsy Johnson. My absolute favorite of the group is the pink and white skulls called the Betsey Bones, but you may also like the Betsey Babe or Betsey Bud better. At $25.00 they’re worth checking out.




Japanese Inspirations

For those of you who love Japanese cartoons, check out the amazing Harajuku tweezers. You can check out a variety of designs in vibrant playful colors to see which ones you like best. At $25.00 a piece you may end up picking with a few of them.



Tweezerman offers many more amazing designs all of which you can find on the Tweezerman site. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “The Best Tweezers Ever Are Also The Most Decorative”

  1. Susie December 15, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    I want them all!

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