How To Look Like Demi Moore

29 Nov

Demi Moore looks amazing. At the age of 49 her skin is flawless, she has the body of a twenty ear old and she’s blessed with thick shiny hair. You can spend three hours a day at the gym and become a health freak and chances are that you won’t look as healthy and vibrant as her. If that’s all that she did she wouldn’t look the way that she does either. Truth be told she has paid has over $220,000 to look and feel good in her own skin. Here’s a little breakdown of Demi Moore’s beauty secrets.

  • Demi announced that she likes to get leach therapy to detoxify her body. The process consists of getting rid of all of your body hair, slipping into a turpentine bath and then letting “highly trained” leeches suck out your blood until their fat and drunk.
  • Ever considered using snake venom to get rid of fin lines and wrinkles? Apparently Sonya Dakar developed a facial that includes ingredients that replicate the paralyzing effects of venom so that your muscles relax and your skin looks smoother and younger. Many famous celebrities are replacing botox with this treatment because the results are similar and there is no need to use a needle.
  • Demi’s gorgeous smile is a result of covering her teeth with veneers. The process of getting these false teeth involves a dentist filing down all of your teeth so that you look as if you have a mouthful of fangs. Once this is done, a set of beautiful veneers will cover your teeth and will give you a brighter smile with the appearance of perfection.
  • The most attainable beauty treatment used by Demi is the SK-II which is a skin care product made from yeast, vitamins, minerals and acids. Products made from this company generally cost over $90 a bottle but that shouldn’t be a problem for Demi.
  • Finally, there’s the plastic surgery. According to the Daily Mail Demi had lipo on her hips, thighs and stomach, breast implants, knee surgery and other beautifying surgeries.

While she looks great personally  I would rather take a more traditional road to beautification. Would you try any of Demi Moore’s beauty treatments?


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One Response to “How To Look Like Demi Moore”

  1. San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon December 19, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    I think its quite obvious that Demi Moore’s looks is not all natural. At age 49, there should be signs of wrinkles and other normal signs of aging. She does not add something new in her body but rather she maintains her youthful look.