Get The Romance Of Bella’s Wedding Dress

25 Nov


Bella Swan seems to have it all- a vampire who loves her and will do anything to protect her, a werewolf who will fight for her and now the ultimate dress. In case you’re wondering who’s the ingenious designer behind Bella’s wedding gown the answer is Carolina Herrara.  The famous designer created a gorgeous gown that rolled romance, elegance and sophistication all into one making it fit to be worn by the love of Edward’s existence.

The cost of the Carolina Herrara dress is $35,000 however before the movie was released the makers of Bella’s wedding dress were already working with Alfred Angelo to create a copy that would sell for a mere $799.00. (smart move on their part). While the copy will have most of the design details of the original the main difference is that the original dress is made out of silk while the copy is made from an inexpensive satin. The lace used on the back of the dress will also look similar but is not exact and there are fewer buttons as well.

Enjoy Twihards!


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