Adore Me Lingerie

23 Nov

If there’s a rehab for lingerie lovers I should be there. More than shoes, bags and flowers (all of which I love dearly) I have an unhealthy obsession for lingerie. The way that I see it, what I wear under my clothes makes me feel confident, sexy and relaxed- what I cover it with is just the icing on the cake. This is why Adore Me is perfect for an addict like me. Adore Me is a new trendy lingerie club that offers a unique personalized shopping experience.

Everything begins with a short quiz that allows professional stylists, to hand-picked each month for you a new selection of lingerie. You get access to your personalized showroom for Free! If you decide to buy, price is a steal! $39.95 per matching set with free delivery and free exchange! Here are some Featured Products of the current collection :)

Additionally to this monthly selection, you will also be able to slip into the showroom of your friends, and shop from there. If  you don’t feel like buying anything this month, no worry, you can just skip this month and the following ones. Adore Me wants to be a club without obligations.

Malls and department stores can be so stressful, embarrassing and not very helpful when it is question of intimate apparel. At Adore Me, they have knowledgeable stylists that can help you with any questions you may have about proper bra fitting, and you will not even have to stand in line, feel guilty or be elbowed by angry customers. Adore Me wants your shopping experience to be equally as wonderful as their lingerie.

See your personalized selection for free and start the Quiz. You can also like their Facebook page.

Be Adorable and look for a giveaway from Adore Me soon.

Hey, before you go be sure to check out  how to measure your bra size so that you don’t have double boobies.

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