Goe Oil Review

14 Nov

If you’re in the market for natural body oils that can soften skin, calm itchiness and give your skin a beautiful glow you should look into Goe Oil. I had tried and purchased a tube of this oil a while back and every time I tried new all natural body products I found myself comparing them to the Goe Oil and often times felt like they don’t compare. The reason that this one is such a great natural body oil is that it contains just about every moisturizing and healing natural ingredient there is, including:

  • Jojoba butter and oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Avocado butter and oil
  • Grape seed butter and oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Rose hip oil
  • Pumpkin seed butter
  • Mango butter
  • Shea butter
  • Hemp seed oil

And if that’s not enough for you then you’ll have to refer to the ingredients on the box because there’s so much more. The only things missing are parabens, sulphates, PEG’s, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, phthalates, mineral oil silicones and synthetic fragrance. What you have is a product that is high in omega and essential fatty acids and rich in vitamins A, E, C, B, G and Beta Carotene.

When I first applied this natural body oil to my skin I found that it was very rich and felt oily. At first I was worried about how I was going to go about my day with slimy hands that were so shiny they could be seen from space but then I noticed that the oils were absorbed into my skin within 5 minutes (it’s worth the wait)and the shine went down as well. My hands felt totally and completely nourished and they smelled amazing too (although I can’t place the fragrance I love it).

The Goe Oil natural body oil lasts for hours and since you only need a drop at a time you’ll find that a tube will last for a while. The best part is that you can use it all over your body and in your hair too. Learn more on http://www.jaoltd.com

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2 Responses to “Goe Oil Review”

  1. Harshleen@BeautyTidbits November 15, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    This sounds reaaly nice for dry skin! love the ingredient list.

    • Aleya November 15, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

      It feels absolutely amazing and it’s all natural. You can’t go wrong.