Glycerin Hand Therapy By Camille Beckman

10 Nov

Camille Beckman hand therapy is a line of lightly fragranced lotions that work wonders when it comes to softening super dry hands. While the Glycerin works to bring out the moisture in your skin the lotions also contain ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil oil, sweet almond oil, aloe, cucumber extract, lavender oil and a lot of vitamins that work to soften the skin. The people over at Camille Beckman were nice enough to send me a several different products to try out.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy


The scents that I got to try include:

  • English Lavender
  • French Vanilla
  • Jade Dragonfly’
  • Lime Leaves
  • Peaceful Olive
  • Morella Monarch
  • Tuscan Home

Now if there’s one thing that you need to know about me is that I’m a sucker for olive oil. It’s impossible for me to walk past a beauty product that contains it and not buy it so of course the first lotion that I tried was the one with olive oil in it. I found that the lotion absorbed into my skin quickly and left a matte finish. My skin had a nice glow and showed no sign of greasiness and best of all the results lasted until lunchtime.

Based on my experience with the Peaceful Olive scent I tried out all of the others and found that each and every one of them gave me the same great results. The only difference was the fragrance and since Camille Beckman offers such a variety for you to choose from you will definitely find one or two that you like. My personal favorites for everyday use are the Tuscan Home and the Morella Monarch. When I want to treat myself to an at home spa day however, I like the English Lavender because it’s so soothing.

Midnight Monarch By Camille Beckman


This Midnight Monarch line consists of a body butter, a body cream and a hand cream all of which come in beautiful packaging. The hand cream works just as nicely as the lotions that I’ve already mentioned. The body cream is slightly thicker and is also very good. The body butter however is what blew me away because it’s rich and really penetrates your skin to bring out the best of it while getting rid of any sign of dryness.


Camille is the company’s claim to fame and has a very strong following. The floral fragrance is very nice and reminds me of a spring day. I can’t figure out which flowers they used to create this cream but whatever it is, it’s worth a try. Not only does it smell nice it also works beautifully to moisturize your hands.

If you’ve never tried and Camille Beckman products before I would start with the Camille first and once you’re hooked moved on to the others. You can learn more about their products on

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