ADesign Professional Makeup Brush Set

3 Nov

Press Sample

ADesign was nice enough to send me a high quality professional makeup brush set that I absolutely love. There are a few reasons that I think that they make great brushes. First, their products are made with soft synthetic fibers that don’t irritate the skin like some of the lower quality brands do. Second, because using these brushes to apply foundation and concealer is a great way to keep to keep your skin clean and bacteria free.

ADesign offers there three typesof foundation brushes to choose from: a flat top foundation exfoliate, a pointed foundation kabuki and a foundation moisturize.

The flat top foundation exfoliate work very nicely to spread powder around your skin in an even and natural looking manner. I found that the bristles picked up a good amount of makeup easily so that I didn’t have to constantly dip into the powder to get more.

The pointed foundation kabuki works in a similar manner as the flat top but can also be used for applying face masks as well. The handle is short and the bristles are long so when you use this brush it almost feels like you’re about to give yourself a professional shave at the barber. Now I know that what I said doesn’t sound too good from a woman’s point of view, but think of it this way- you have more control over how and where your apply the powder or cream. As far as powder goes the pointed brush also gives you a smooth and even finish.

The foundation moisturize brush by ADesign should be used to apply cream to your skin. You’’ll notice that the bristles on this type of a brush are mush firmer than the other but they’re still very gentle. I had complete control over how the moisturizer was applied to my skin and best of all I didn’t have to use my hands to apply it so there’s less chance of contamination.

There are two types of concealer brushes offered by ADesign: the undereye and the pointed concealer blemish treatment.

The undereye concealer brush gives you a smooth finish and is very gentle so there’s less chance of you pulling and irritating the sensitive skin that you’re working on. This brush is my absolute favorite of the entire set because when I use it I feel like it’s one more thing that I’m doing to get rid of the dark circles that have been haunting me since I turned thirty.  By not pulling and stretching the skin my eye area looks lighter and I can wait just a little longer before I start seeing fine lines and wrinkles. If there’s one brush of the set that I would say you absolutely must try this is the one.

The pointed concealer blemish treatment is basically designed to get into the areas that you may have difficulty getting into with the undereye concealer brush. I didn’t use it much but if you need a little extra help, this is the brush for you.

All in all I love my ADesign professional makeup brush set and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their makeup application as clean as possible.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers  

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