Minus 417 Body Butter Review and Giveaway

24 Oct

You’ve already read about how I picked up a jar of the body peeling scrub by Minus 417 while I was on vacation and about how much I loved, loved, and still do love it. So you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me and asked me to review their body butter and to do a giveaway of their Time Control Recovery A Cream for my readers. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I get to share information about a phenomenal product with you and even more so when one of you gets a chance to win something from a company that I trust and like.

I got to try out the Minus 417 body butter in the ocean scent. It includes ingredients such as almond oil, avocado oil and mango extract which is pretty much like a feast for your skin. All of these ingredients are proven to nourish and hydrate your skin so that it gets a nice healthy glow. As an added bonus, it also has anti-aging properties and helps to protect you from the dangers of UV radiation.

I used the body butter every day after I got out of the shower in the morning and the great feeling of the cream continued to impress me time and time again. I first noticed how the fragrance engaged me in the most soothing way possible. It was very much like aromatherapy and I loved starting my day off in such a relaxed manner. I also noticed that the cream went on thick but was quick to absorb into my skin leaving a cool nourishing sensation behind. Best of all, even though I have really dry skin I didn’t have to reapply it even once because it worked all day to leave me feeling absolutely amazing.

As if the cream isn’t magical enough on its own I had to try it out with the scrub and saw that the two products combined made my skin feel exceptionally smooth and refreshed. So smooth in fact that I still didn’t feel dry the next day and almost skipped applying the cream (almost). It actually gave me the feeling that I had just walked out of a spa and had the most incredible softening treatment ever.

The body butter sells for $38.16,


The Giveaway

There was supposed to be a giveaway here and there is is but now it’s a new and improved one with more prizes to win. Click beauty giveaway to find out more. Sorry about al of this but I just couldn’t say no when they offered me more products to share with you.


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