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20 Oct

Beauty Addicts has a nice Hollywood entourage that is loyal to it. So of course I had to go out and try them out for myself. After all, who am I to say that Sharon Stone and Sharon Lawrence don’t look amazing.

Beauty Addicts Concealer

I’m starting with the concealer because out of everything that I’ve tried this was by far my favorite. There are two shades in the compact- one that should be used for your under eye area and one for your face.  As it turns out the color on the right side of the compact is infused with green tea and Vitamin E so that it soothes the skin under your eye area. On the left hand side of the compact you will find ta face concealer that is infused with green tea and Dermaxyl so that your skin appears to more plump.

I found that both sides of the concealer went on very smoothly and blended easily with my skin tone. Although they both went on wet they dried very quickly with a matte powder finish so that they were barely detectible. I was left with beautiful natural, no sight of unseemly blemishes looking skin that felt smooth.

Beauty Addicts offers five different sets of the Double Deception concealer for you to choose from. Number three works best for me.

Beauty Addicts Blush

Their Sleek Cheeks blush compacts are also split in two. One of the colors is shimmery and when applied it feels creamy but once it dries it has a powder finish with just a hint of shimmer. The other color is matte and sheer so it has more of a powder feel right from the start. They both lasted through the day and felt very light on my skin.

I used the Express blush compact but there are four others that you can choose from.

Beauty Addicts Eye Shadow

I like the Glow Beauty Addicts eye shadow palette because it’s perfect for a classic smokey eye look. The colors are pretty sheer so they’re great for layering and blending. The lighter colors mixed together are also very pretty as they have a little bit of shimmer and make your eye area appear to be more radiant.


Of the three products that I’ve tried I like the concealer the most, however I found that I was satisfied with all three of them and would use them all again.

Have you tried Beauty Addicts cosmetics before?



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