Instant Peel For Beautiful Looking Skin

12 Oct

Instant Peel is said to be a natural exfoliant that works as a dead skin remover, gives fast noticeable results and is easy to use. Now I’ll be honest with you. I went to a spa a few years back and had a peel done and while I realize that Instant Peel is not the same sort of product when I heard the name all I could think about is how red my face was after the spa treatment that I had all those years ago. Before trying out the exfoliant I literally had to look in the mirror and tell myself ‘You can do this!’ over and over again. The one thing that gave me the push to actually go ahead and try it is that the packaging has a clearly stated phrase on it- ‘The Natural Exfoliant’. My logic was that if it’s natural it can’t be too harmful (yeah, yeah I know).

I followed the instructions and took a packet into the shower so that I can steam up my skin for five minutes. Upon opening the packet (teeth required) I saw that the content was pretty watery and not as thick or textured as most face exfoliators are that I’ve tried.

As I began applying it to my face I began to feel a warm sensation on my nose, jawline and forehead only second after I applied it. On these areas I I could actually see the dead skin rolling off. I didn’t see this on my cheeks though so I gently scrubbed some more but when I saw that I wasn’t getting the same effect I stopped.

Once I dried my skin my face felt taught for a couple of minutes and then began to feel really soft and hydrated. I didn’t experience any of the redness that I was so afraid of but I did get beautiful healthy looking skin. The one warning that I want to give you if you try this product is to make sure that you wash your skin thoroughly after using it otherwise you may continue to have that warm sensation for some time and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

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2 Responses to “Instant Peel For Beautiful Looking Skin”

  1. Ursula October 12, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    I need this! My skin has gotten so “muddy” looking lately. Going to try this…

    • Aleya October 13, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

      The effect lasts for a few days so it’s nice. I think you’ll be happy with it.