Moroccan Interior Design

10 Oct

When I think of Moroccan interior design I imagine colorful  tents filled with people smoking hookahs while lounging on oversized pillows. I can smell the flavors of the spices in the air and sense the presence of the ages. It’s really very soothing and captivating. If you’re interested in Moroccan interior design here are some tips on how you can bring it to your home.

Select Your Color Palette

The first thing that you have to do is select your color scheme. Moroccan interior design is inspired by richly colored jewels and spices so you will be able to pick from colors such as turquoise, paprika and turmeric Splashes of gold and silver can be used as accent colors and are a great way to bring in a higher sense of luxury to the decor. Choose one main color as your base color which will be used on the walls and furnishings and use the other colors that you like to make the details of the décor pop.

Paint The Ceiling And The Moldings

With such a rich color story you can’t leave the ceiling and moldings white as you would with any other sort of design because it would be an eyesore. It’s absolutely imperative for you to paint them in either your base color or one that is closely related to it. Be careful that the colors don’t have too much contrast as the balance of the room will be thrown off.


Moroccan decor is known for its use of geometric shapes. You can find hexagons, stars, diamonds, arches, circles and triangles in the furnishings, fabrics, tiles and even the lantern designs.

Use The Right Furnishings

Create a marriage of plush cushiony furniture, dark wood and wrought iron. The furnishings should have an ethnic, textured and old feel to them. They should be well made and include some intricate scrollwork and geometric cutouts to give dimension to the room. If you’re decorating a den you may want to skip the couch and place oversized plush pillows on the ground with a few small octagon shaped tables nearby. If you are furnishing another part of the house be sure to use furniture that is relatively close to the ground and pile up on the throw pillows to keep the tradition of the design.

Decorative Flooring

While dark wooden floors are commonly used in Moroccan interior design,  you can add more texture, depth and color by displaying a Persian carpet featuring your main color story with touches of your accent colors. If the room is large in size you can lay two rugs side by side to cover the bare floor. If you don’t like to use carpeting in your home another option is to lay mosaic down tile work. While mosaics are very beautiful they can be very costly so think it over thoroughly before deciding what you want to do.

Create Textures

Use richly colored fabrics to create textured surfaces throughout the room. From bedding to curtains to a tablecloth in the dining room you can find different ways to create textures with fabrics.

Lighting Expressions

One of my favorite things about Moroccan interior design is their use of wrought iron lanterns which provide a great deal of decoration detailing while providing subdued mysterious lighting effect. Be sure to get lanterns that have geometric cutouts so that they create patterns on the walls and accentuate the décor.

Earthy Details

Complete your decor by adding ceramic bowls, jars and plates to the room. As with the other details in the décor stay within your color story and show off pieces that have geometric patterns.


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