Self-Made Women

5 Oct

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A few weeks back I wrote a post about the richest women in America and found that seven out of eight of these women either married into their money or inherited it. While there’s nothing wrong with that  I couldn’t help but wonder about all of the self-made women. Women who started something big and maybe they aren’t worth billions, but were there from the start, worked for their money and now have financial bragging rights.  So next time you think you have it bad when you calculate your refund at tax time, imagine what these women have to do. Anyhow, here’s what I found.

Oprah Winfrey- Not only is she one of the richest women in America, she’s also a self-made woman. Oprah was the queen of daytime television which was her claim to fame. However that’s not all she did to earn her fortune (approximately $2.7 billion). Oprah also has a magazine called O Magazine and own a cable station called OWN.

Doris Fisher- Doris and her husband started the first Gap store which sold Levi’s and LPs in San Francisco in 1969. They had borrowed $63,000 to open the store and by the end of the first year made $2 million. The store grew into a brand rapidly and is now an internationally recognized name. She’s now worth $2.3 billion.

Jin Sook Chang- Jin and her husband earned $2.2 billion from a women’s clothing store called Forever 21. The store originally was meant to target middle aged Korean women however women of all ethnicities ranging from preteen to middle age were finding their way to the store. Jin and her husband expanded slowly and have prospered.  (On a side note, am I the only one who never noticed the print Jon 3:16 on their shopping bags?)

Diane Hendricks- Diane and her husband started ABC Supply which is the largest roofing, siding and window distributer in the states. The couple  got involved in real estate as well as green building. Her husband has passed away and she’s now worth $2.2 billion.

Meg Whitman- Meg has worked for some huge companies including The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard and Proctor and Gamble but the majority of her income is from her position as a former CEO of eBay. Not only did Meg take home some major dough she also owns so much stock in ebay that she’s now worth $1.3 billion. Meg ran for the position of California Governor and spent $144 million of her own money in the race- that’s more than any other candidate in history!
I found the name Elaine Wynn listed on Forbes however I didn’t include her on this list of self-made women because she got most of her money from a divorce settlement. All of the other women may or may not have had partners but they did it on their own. Way to go ladies!


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2 Responses to “Self-Made Women”

  1. Olga October 10, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    Very inspirational. Makes you think that you can do anything.

  2. Susie October 11, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    I agree, I need to get my ideas hat on!