Fall 2011 Shoe Trends

23 Sep

Before I start telling you about the fall 2011 shoe trends I just want to say that I love shoes. I love the way they make me look taller and leaner and I love the way I feel when I wear a gorgeous pair of heels and strut into a meeting. Shoes give me a great dose of confidence and give me one more way to get creative with my look. Now here are my absolute favorites of the fall shoes.

Skins- Reptile skins such as snake and alligator are going to be big this fall. You’ll see them in leather, patent leather and if you look hard enough can find them mixed with suede as well.

Tory Birch







Round Toes- Give your tootsies a little room to spread out by wearing rounded shoes. Often times with a round toe you’re going to find a chunky heel however if you still prefer a stiletto you will be able to find it. The only difference will be that the rounded toe will most probably be on a more narrow shoe.







Patent Leather- The patent leather shoe is one of the stronger fall shoe trends. This trend will look stunning if worn with the menswear or punk trends that are popular this season.







Chunky- Platforms, wedges and chunky heels are strong key players and look great in any material and with design detail. I love them because I feel that they have more support and are much more comfortable than regular heels.






Decorative Shoe Accessories- You’re going to see a lot of laces, buckles and different fabrics mixed together to create a decoration. The decorations are a bold and really help to accessorize your outfit.

Marc Jacobs





Menswear Inspired- Since menswear is such a hot trend for women this fall it only makes sense that menswear inspired shoes are also stylish. Shoes styled as loafers with tassels and buckles really hit the nail on the head.

Yves Saint Laurent






Stilettos- Don’t worry, there’s no need to hide your stilettos in the attic and mourn. Stilettos are still very strong this season and in more ways than one. They’re being shown with buckles, laces, in different materials and above all, high- very, very high.

Miu Miu






Strappy- You didn’t think that the designers would put out their fall lines without dressy options did you? For more dressy occasions try a strappy shoe that closes around the ankle. Pretty much every designer has embraced the ankle strap so you will have an easy time finding one in the material and heel type that you want.








I cant wait to go shopping and pick up some shoes!


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2 Responses to “Fall 2011 Shoe Trends”

  1. Susie September 28, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    How good would do you think I would need to be for Santa to bring me a pair of the D+G’s? Ha.

    Great work as always Aleya.

    S x

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