Shapewear Review: ShaToBu

20 Sep

ShaToBu makes body shapewear for women. However, it’s not your everyday shapewear. The difference between ShaToBu and other brands is that the ShaToBu shapewear helps you burn calories. No it’s true! Studies at the University of Virginia have proven that women who wear ShaToBu while doing their everyday activities burn up to 12% more calories. So whether you’re doing your food shopping, climbing up the stairs or running to get the kids from school you will burn up extra calories without any effort at all.

The way that the ShaToBu shapewear works is that it uses seamless resistance bands to make your muscles work a little bit harder during natural movements.  It works pretty much the way that resistance training does so that you burn those extra calories without even trying. I say that you get results without trying because while you’re wearing it, you don’t feel restrained at all.

The materials  used in making it help to keep it in place so that it doesn’t keep rolling down your waist or up your leg therefore letting the entire world know that you are in fact wearing shapewear and are not naturally as fit as a Victoria Secret model. They also use nylon and lycra so that your body to breathe and feel cool.

ShaToBu Review

I don’t get to the gym every day. I have a membership but between work and the family it’s hard to get there (excuses, excuses). So when ShaToBu offered to send me one of their products I nearly leaped into the computer to take one. I’ll admit that getting it on was difficult at first, but once on it stayed on. It also gave me a nice shape so that I was able to wear it under form fitting clothes including a cocktail dress. The best part was that I didn’t have to worry about it rolling and was able to go about doing whatever it was that I was doing without worrying about how I look.

Now for the big question- did the ShaToBu shapewear burn calories? Well, I don’t know for sure because I’ve been eating better and walking more often than before but some friends did ask if I lost weight. Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and say that the extra calories that I lost by wearing the ShaToBu shapewear helped give me extra support along with my diet to lose some weight. The ShaToBu also made my figure look so much better that it made me want to work that much harder to lose weight. That’s worth the price for me on its own.

Visit the ShaToBu site to learn more about their shapewear products.


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