Fall Beauty Trends

7 Aug

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It may be sweltering hot outside, but it’s definitely time to start thinking about the 2011 fall beauty trends. First, let me start by saying that while some of the fall trends are a continuation of the spring ones, they are also very different. You’ll find that the fall colors are deeper for the most part and the method of highlighting features are very much different.


The Eyes- Apply a metallic eye shadow that will give you a modern yet sultry look. Then skip the thickening mascara and go for the elongating one that will make your lashes look like the long legs of a spider. Take this one step further by applying eye liner that is super thick and bold. The goal is to make the eyes very dramatic and exaggerated.

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The Lips- During the spring red, neutral and hot pink lips were all the rage. The fall beauty trends however, are all about the red. You’ll be seeing lots of ladies walking around with true red lips as well as a lot of berry red lips. Call it sexy, call it sophisticated, call it whatever you want- just wear it.









The Cheeks- Flaunt those cheekbones by using a touch of blush. Gently glide the brush across your cheekbone one time. Don’t drag the brush back and fourth over and over again because then you’ll look like you stepped out of the 80s and while the music from those days will always be loved by many, the makeup is something that should be left behind.








The Nails- One word: Metallic. Metallic burgundy, navy, nickel…. metallic. There are other fall 2011 nail polish trends but the metallic is possibly going to be the most popular.

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The Hair- There were three looks that ruled the runway. Long straight ponytails that were worn high up or down low. Braids in all sorts of styles. And….men’s inspired hairstyles.

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The Naturalist- As always, the beauty industry has given us an option that is more wearable. The natural look. Use a touch of blush, sheer, pink or nude colored gloss or lipstick and make your eyes as natural looking as possible.






How you wear the fall beauty trends is really up to you. Be a femme fetale with bod red lipstick and black liner and mascara. Swipe your boyfriends favorite shirt and jacket, pull your hair back and theow on some natural looking makeup. Or look like a futurists seductress with a high ponytail and metallic eyes.


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