5 Heart-Healthy Workouts for Women

4 Aug

Working out is a big part o heart health and can help prevent things like heart disease, help lower cholesterol, and even relieve stress. Here are a few workouts that will help to push you in the right direction for your heart’s health.


We all know that one of the best ways to improve heart health is through cardio workouts by getting that heart rate up! Whether it is on the treadmill, bike, elliptical or around the neighborhood, get up and get moving. If necessary, start out slow, but try to keep moving for 20-30 minutes. A running buddy or workout partner is a great source of motivation, so ask a friend to join you.

Mountain Climbers

Don’t have a treadmill or other cardio machine? A great way to get some cardio in is by doing mountain climbers. Do as many as you can to raise your heart rate, then rest for a 60 seconds, and go again. Start in push up position, and move one leg up to your chest, touching your foot to the floor. In good form, alternate this with each leg as quickly as possible. Do this in same intervals until you can no longer stay in good form


It’s the new craze in the fitness world!  Zumba combines an active workout with Latin music, dance, and aerobics to make workouts fun and intense. Check for classes in your local area for this heart healthy workout that will help you mix up your cardio training in a unique way.


Spin class, or cycling, is for anyone from beginner to expert and aims to increase heart rate for a longer period of time, and burns many calories. Trainers usually coach a class throughout the work out, motivating them with music and target goals. Generally, most gyms have spin classes, so check your local gyms schedule. There are also many gyms exclusive to spinning which provide more intense work outs at various levels.


Yoga is an exercise of the mind, body, and spirit. Not only does it help to relieve stress, but it also can increase flexibility, strength, and posture. Further, it has been suggested by many that yoga may reduce high blood pressure and improve symptoms of heart failure. Yoga can be done just about anywhere, so there’s no excuse not to start!



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