Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner Review

2 Aug

Smashbox sent me a tube of their Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner to review and I’m so happy that they did because brown liner is the way to go for summer. Brown eye liner keeps your makeup looking fresher longer and works to widen your eyes a bit. It also looks good with any eye color and skin tone so really you have a win-win situation when you use it.

So how does Smashbox hold up? Considering that it’s really hard to come by a Smashbox beauty product that’s not great you could hardly give it less than a stellar review, but here are my thoughts on the Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner. The applicator makes it really easy to apply the powdery liner and to create a beautiful smooth line (just be sure to shake off any loose powder first). The color is very soft so if you want a bolder look you should apply your regular liner with the Smashbox liner over it. Twice the work, but yes it’s definitely worth it.

I was also impressed by how well the powder liner held up. It lasted all day and looked great.No running, no flaking. Just a beautiful natural looking line.

About Smashbox

Smashbox was originally Smashbox Photo Studios and was owned by the Davis, the grandson of the infamous Max Factor. Davis originally, a photographers had many of his celebrity clients ask him to create a line of makeup that gave them a flawless look in front of the camera. Dean who worked with the MBA got involved and together they created Smashbox Cosmetics in 1996. Today Smashbox is used by countless professionals at photo shoots, fashion shows and live events. Luckily, Smashbox is also available to the masses so that we can share in one of the best beauty secrets of the rich and famous.


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