How Succeed In Online Dating: Part 1

27 Jul

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Online dating is tough.  Either you’re the woman that gets millions of emails a day (mostly from stalkers) or you’re the woman that gets a couple of emails a month (mostly rejection letters).  Either way, waiting for the right guy to find you can be exhausting.

The following is a few tips to help your search for the right guy, online.  Good luck, and happy fishing.


Tip # 1 Don’t “fish” at

First tip is rather subjective, but it has a point.  If you’re looking for love, as a general rule of thumb, don’t join the free sites.  The guys on the paid sites are making a monetary commitment to find their special one.  The free sites don’t require that commitment, and thus have a higher degree of prowlers.  And on a personal note, just by its name—Plenty of Fish—the site sounds like it’s infested with the wrong type of guys.  We’re not saying that you can’t find your guy on there, we’re just saying…

Tip # 2 Don’t join more than two dating sites.

It’s quite simple, really.  You have a limited amount of time each day, and you need to focus your attention on creating the best impression on each platform.  If you’re the type that’s getting a million emails a day, the last thing you need is to dig through more emails.  And if you’re only getting a few emails a month, you need to focus your time on optimizing your profile so that you attract more emails.  Focus on improving your profile.

Tip # 3 Keep your profile brief, but powerful

Do use powerful verbs and adjectives to describe yourself and your activities.  Do use keywords (i.e. if you’re interested in surfers, talk about “catching waves” and “boogie boarding”). And do use funny quips and anecdotes in your profile.  All of the above bring a high degree of personality to your profile, which is attractive.  But DON’T drone on about one particular subject or about anything negative.  Most people just skim profiles—so keep yours brief, but powerful.

Tip # 4 Don’t Listen to the “Calculating Match Percentage”

Don’t dismiss a potential match because you don’t “match”.  Check out his profile and picture.  Read his words.  The “Calculated Match Percentage” is based on a loose set of questions, most of which are easy to misinterpret and don’t account for instances of humor or sarcasm.

Tip # 5 Don’t Wait Too Long to Meet-up

When you find the right guy, don’t wait too long to meet him.  If he’s truly a great guy—and everyone else can see it—he could be snatched up in a minute, leaving you with just the prowlers.  Act quick when it comes to meeting.  But remember online dating can be dangerous.  So before you rush off to your meeting, do your homework.  Check out his Facebook profile and do a Google search.

We hope this gives you a leg up on finding the right guy, online.  Next week we’ll be back for more tips.  Until then, please check out our blog and women’s community.  See you next week.


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