3 Free Nail Polish by Butter Nails

18 Jul

I’ve been reading rave reviews about Butter Nail Polish so I went straight to Nordstrom to see if it was all true. To begin with, Butter has a huge assortment of fabulous designer nail polish colors and each one is more interesting than the next. I was really confused as to which ones to purchase and while I originally I almost walked out with six colors I ended up leaving with three that I love.

Jaffa- This orange nail polish is almost on the neon side. If you’re looking for a color that really stands out and looks great when you’re wearing black or white, I highly recommend this one. Now I should mention I’m really not a neon sort of girl. You’ll never find me wearing anything that’s neon green for example. But I love this orange color because it almost stands out like an accessory. The polish took about five minutes to dry, lasted five days and comes off easily.

West End Wonderland- I’m in love with this gold glitter nail polish because it’s not the average gold. The base of the color is gold but it has orange specks in it so that it has dimension. I should warn you that if you have an important meeting or are doing something that involves your full concentration, you should probably skip this color for now and come back to it later. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my nail because whenever I moved my hand, the light would hit the polish and make it shimmer and I would start paying attention to my nails instead of my work. I also love the texture of the polish so I was concentrating on touching my nails all the time as well. All in all, a great color for a special event. It took less than five minutes to dry and lasted five days. Removing it was not very easy, but it was easy enough considering that it’s a glitter nail polish.


Victoriana- This speckled blue nail polish looks better with time. When I first applied it the color almost looked metallic, but then I noticed that it was a silvery blue with specks of navy blue in it. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the color as it really is in the picture, but it’s absolutely beautiful. The polish took about five minutes to dry, lasted five days and comes off easily.


So I guess that we can say that from my experience 3 Free Nail Polish has a life span of five days which is pretty good considering the amount of work that I do with my hands every day. I will definitely purchase more polishes from Butter and am very excited to see what they put out for their fall line.

Have you tried any of the 3 Free Nail Polish colors or other lines from Butter?


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2 Responses to “3 Free Nail Polish by Butter Nails”

  1. Rebecca A. July 18, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    these are so lovely!!

    • Aleya July 18, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

      Definitely one of my favorite finds of the year.