Italian Kitchen Decor

14 Jul

When you envision Italian kitchen decor, chances are that you see a picture of a rustic room filled with warm colors and scented with delicious fragrances. There will be a big table filled with laughing faces and maybe even a fireplace. If all of this sounds like something that interests you, check out my tips on how to bring an Italian kitchen design to your home.

Color- Whenever you start planning out a new room, it’s always important to first decide on your color scheme. A rustic Italian décor is filled with terracotta, lavender, warm brown, fig greens and golden yellows. While these colors can work together, you should pick one or two of the colors as your base color(s) and use the other colors as accent colors. Since we are decorating the kitchen, the terracotta would make a beautiful base color, but be sure to keep in mind that such a color is energizing so if you want the kitchen to be more serene, maybe you should go with yellow or green.

Beams- If you have the budget, adding some ceiling beams would do wonders in giving your kitchen a truly authentic look.

Countertops- A stone countertop will give your kitchen warmth, a feeling of connecting with the natural resources around you and a place to put your hot pots. Make sure that the countertop matches with your color scheme. There are lots of beautiful styles out there and it’s very easy to get sidetracked.

Furniture- Your table and chairs should look heavy, sturdy and like you’ve owned them for many years. Remember, everything was made by hand in those days and things were made to last.

Lighting- Soft lighting is the best kind to bring out your design features. Skip the high hats and instead add some wrought iron fixtures instead. You can find iron chandeliers in lighting stores or online.

Flooring- Once again you are going to incorporate some beautiful marble, slate or terracotta into your décor.

Wrought Iron- Speaking of iron, besides the lighting fixtures you can also hang up some beautiful iron fixtures throughout the kitchen. Need some ideas, try hanging your pots over the stove, get some iron bowls and place the, over the counters, or hang a rustic looking wine holder.

Accessories- Finalize your decor with the use of ceramic plates and jars that are painted with images of lemons, grapes and fruits. It’s also always nice to have a fresh bowl of fruit displayed in the kitchen.

Finally, get a bottle of wine and some good food, invite some people over and enjoy your new kitchen.

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2 Responses to “Italian Kitchen Decor”

  1. dwaynenorton1 July 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    i just love lovely kitchens though i do not know how to cook nor do i like cooking ….

    • Aleya July 20, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      I love cooking, but wish I could have more time to do so. My mother in law lives with me so she does most of the cooking while I’m at work.