Eye Lash Extensions 101

5 Jul

What woman doesn’t want beautiful thick lashes? Unfortunately not all of us have been blessed with them natural lashes, but at least there’s help. You can use eye lash extensions to make your eyes stand out and smolder. Personally, I’ve worn false lashes a few times at weddings and love them so much that I’ve considered getting lash extensions so that I can have them all the time. Here’s what I’ve learned.


The Difference Between False Eye Lashes  And Eyelash Extensions

False lashes can be easily applied and removed at home. You can easily control how bold you want your lashes to look by selecting the thickness and the type- single lashes or rows. They will hold up for one or two days.

If you’re planning to get lash extensions you should consult with and eyelash extension specialist. They will last for several months, but will need touch ups.


How To Apply Lash Extensions

  • Choose an appropriate length and thickness to match your natural lash. Overdone lashes can make you look tired and can harden your look.  Natural looking lashes are always the best way to go.
  • Lash Extensions will add a lot of definition to your eyes and heavy liners or dark shadows could be too strong for the eyes to carry so be sure to soften up on your make up.
  • Choose the right thickness.  The thickness is supposed to match your natural eyelash and adding volume can be done by building thicker lashes on the top rows.
  • Don’t go too long because too long lashes can create the illusion of a sunken eye.
  • Don’t go too thick because super extensions can actually make your eyes look smaller.  They can also weigh down your lashes and cover your eyes. Lashes that shape your lash line correctly will open your eyelid and emphasize the color of your eyes making them look bigger.
  • Follow your maintenance schedule for touch up appointments so that your lashes don’t messy and unruly. Fill in your lashes with water soluble mascara until you can make your next appointment.


Remember: lash extensions should accentuate your eyes.  You want people to say you have the most beautiful lashes not the most beautiful extensions.



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