Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

28 Jun

It’s not easy being green – especially if you’re a woman in NY who’s obsessed with fashion and beauty trends. But a little research proves that it’s possible to look great and feel great about it. Whether they’re using recycled materials, socially responsible methods of production, or fair trade, these eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands are excellent alternatives to the mass-produced goods you’ll find at many stores.


Kind Boutique: Kind is a super cute eco-friend;y boutique offering a fun and funky collection of sustainable fashion. We love their clothing, but they also sell shoes, accessories, crafty stuff and home goods which we can’t wait to stock up on.

Chinti and Parker: This company sells a wide variety of laid-back, but very flattering organic knitwear. One of our favorite things about their website is this map that shows where the products came from and what the working conditions are like.

Spun: Spun offers adorable and (gasp!) affordable organic clothing. With boutiques all over the US, it would seem this company’s wearable and eco-friendly designs are catching on!


Amara Gold: Amara offers 14kt gold sustainable jewelry that is created using both environmentally and socially responsible methods. The designs are chic and elegant, perfect for the contemporary woman.


Ayten Gasson: A well-respected UK lingerie designer, Gasson recently released a limited edition line o eco-lingerie using organic silk and “cruelty free peace silk.” In case you’re wondering what the heck that means, it’s actually quite sweet. Instead of boiling the cocoon alive, peace silk allows the silkworm to emerge from the cocoon and live out its life.


Osborn: These handmade shoes are as easy on the eyes as they are on the environment. Made in a manufacturing environment in Guatemala dedicated to “integrity and quality,” each pair of shoes is crafted by hand by a small team of artisans.

Beyond Skin: A far cry from pleather, Beyond Skin’s shoes are 100% vegan – and they will be a stunning addition to your wardrobe. Not what you’d typically imagine when you hear the word “vegan,” these shoes are as high-fashion and fabulous as they come.


Scotch Naturals: This line of nail polishes uses a water-based formula, making it non-toxic, safe and better for your nails! Oh, and did we mention the colors are totally adorbs?


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