Cause And Treatments For Age Spots

27 Jun

If you think that you’re not at risk of getting age spots until your older try again! While people over the age of 40 are the ones to most commonly get them, younger people can be affected by them as well. If have found flat grey, brown or black spots on your face, hands or arms because you spend a lot of time in the sun chances are you have age spots (or liver spots as they are more commonly called).


What Causes Age Spots?

  • The Sun- When you tan frequently or have too much sun exposure the melanin in your skin starts to overproduce and causes age spots.
  • Ultraviolet Light- UV rays from tanning beds or lamps can cause people who have been exposed to them heavily to get age spots because the melanin in the skin is being overproduced.
  • Age- Just another side-effect of getting older.
  • Genes- Just like great skin can be passed down from your parents so can age spots. Usually people with lighter skin get age spots.


Treatments For Age Spots

Laser treatments are available to remove age spots so that you will feel more confident in the way that you look. However, before you go in for a treatment, be sure that you are not tanned because it will affect the treatment and results. Laser treatments for age spots are not very painful and can be done in a few minutes. You may feel a pinch when the laser hits your skin and may even feel like you have a sunburn in the area right after the procedure is done, but this feeling will subside within one week if you use Neosporin.

After the treatment has been performed, the spots may get darker and the skin around it will get a bit red. After a few hours the redness will go down and after a few weeks the darkened spot will flake off.


While age spots may not be attractive, they are not harmful at all. If you do have some brown spots that have suddenly appeared on your skin, it’s always best to see your doctor just to make sure that they are indeed age spots and nothing more dangerous.



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