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I got a sample from Osmotics over a month ago of their Blue Copper 5 cream. The reason that it took me so long to write the review is because I wanted to be absolutely certain that I believe in the product before I reviewed it. Osmotics claims that the Blue Copper 5 will do several things:

  • Firm your bust, belly, and behind so that you can see a visible lift.
  • Prevent and visibly reduce stretch marks (up to 72%).
  • Restore healthier, radiant, more youthful texture.
  • Calms redness and irritation that is caused by Rosacea and dermal procedures.

That’s a tall order so you can’t really blame me for being a bit cautious here. As it turns out, they delivered on their promises. While it’s ok to use the Blue Copper 5 on your face, I just used it on my problem areas and in about three weeks I could feel and see changes. Maybe it’s the science behind the cream or maybe it’s that the cream is so moisturizing, but my skin actually felt firmer, softer and looked better.

As directed, I applied the  Osmotics cream twice a day to the areas that I wanted to improve and found that the Blue Copper 5 didn’t feel greasy, heavy or oily at all. In fact it felt great on my skin and lasted through the day and night. This cream is so moisturizing that even while in the shower, it continued to make my skin feel softer.

Besides feeling super moisturized, I could actually feel a visible lift on the areas where the cream was applied. The stretch marks are still there, but they look lighter which is still great!

So how does all of this work?  Osmotics works with world-renowned scientists and medical centers so that they can use the latest in science to make you the best products.  Advanced copper technology helps to promote firmer, healthier, younger looking skin. Still unsure? Check out Smart Skin Care or the Mayo Clinic to see that even they agree that copper peptides are good for your skin and help to prevent wrinkles.

Once you’re ready to try the Blue Copper 5 for yourself go to http://www.osmotics.com/index.aspx so that you can learn more about it and purchase it.

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