Facial Skin Problems And Solutions

8 Jun

One of the first things that people notice about you when they first meet you is your face. They notice the color of your eyes, how your makeup is done and some if not all of your facial skin problems. People who suffer from skin disorders can get embarrassed by their flaws and lose confidence in their looks. Here are some solutions for five common facial skin problems.

Facial Skin Problems And Solutions


Having acne as a teenager is bad enough, but no one wants to deal with it as an adult. A bad diet, using cosmetics that are wrong for your skin type, stress and hormones are all causes of adult acne. These causes can be harmful to your body in many ways, but they can also be easily dealt with. Treatment For Adult Acne include eating healthier food and less fried or fatty foods and drinking lots of water. As far as cosmetics go, be sure to use oil free cosmetics and to use a cleanser that contains bezoyle peroxide. You should also exfoliate your skin weekly in order to reduce blackheads and pimples which may turn into acne and to improve your skin tone by removing dead skin cells.

Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles can make even the most beautiful face appear tired and stressed. Some causes of under eye circles are lack of sleep, bad diet, allergies, constant rubbing of the area, thinning skin and a bad diet. Under eye circles can also be hereditary. However, there are many treatments for under eye circles. By having a healthier diet and using extra pillows when you sleep you can treat under eye circles easily. You can also use concealer and/ or cosmetics that guaranine.


Rosacea makes your skin flare up and turn red. There are different levels of rosacea so while some people have a touch of it, others may have it all over their face and neck.  Although it hasn’t been proven, it’s thought that one of the causes of rosacea is stress which affects the nervous system and causes flushing. Other causes may include alcohol and certain foods. To find out which foods may cause flare ups be sure to keep a diary of everything that you eat. Often times a common treatment for rosacea may include antibiotics and a change in diet.


Psoriasis leaves your skin looking scaly and may turn your skin silvery white. It’s caused by the over production of skin cells. People who suffer from psoriasis often find that warmer climates help to relieve the symptoms. While moisturizers help to lessen the itchiness caused by the condition, they don’t completely reduce it. There are topical creams that are available for use, but you should consult with your doctor before using them.

EczemaNot only is eczema unsightly because it makes the skin intensely dry and flakey, it’s also very itchy. Causes of eczema include having contact with certain synthetic or coarse fabrics, eating foods that can cause flare ups, stress and detergents. The best ways to treat eczema is to continuously moisturize the area, wear clothes made from cotton, watching your diet and using products that are natural or contain less chemicals.

While these facial skin problems are bothersome, they can be dealt with. One thing that all of these skin problems have in common is diet so be sure to eat healthy foods including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and to drink plenty of water. You’ll be on your way to having better skin soon.


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