Looking For A Great Lilac Nail Polish? Try Lilacism By Essie

10 May


My little nail polish diva decided to paint her toes with a lilac nail polish called Lilacism by Essie. Maybe it’s because she has an instinct about popular nail polish colors for spring or maybe it’s because she’s only three years old and likes pretty colors, but whatever the reason, the color is great for spring and looks amazing on her feet. It’s been two weeks so far and the light purple polish hasn’t chipped at all which is amazing if you consider all the havoc a three year old can wreak on her feet in that time period.

Let’s not forget the fingers! She also selected a light blue almost periwinkle nail polish called coat azure by essie. Definitely one of the hot nail trends this year, the coat azure polish color is bright and fun and looks good on fingers of all sizes. If you’re looking for a blue nail color for your nails, but don’t want to use a traditional color blue this one I definitely for you because  it borders purple and doesn’t stand out as much as a blue color would but will certainly stand on its own.

Have you tried a blue or lilac nail polish this spring?

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