The Most Influential Women In History

6 May


In honor of mother’s day, I want to thank my mom for all that she’s done for me by listing some of the most influential women in history. Women who changed the world by doing what’s right, by doing what they love and most of all by giving other women someone to look up to. Now my mom may not have invented something that changed the world but she molded me to be the best person that I can be and because of that I owe her everything. As for the women on this list, I admire each and every one of them because they reached for the stars, broke down the walls and proved that women are as intelligent, creative and well rounded as men.These women fought the odds, didn’t back down and are looked up to by millions of women today. Now let’s get on with my ist.

The Most Influential Women In History

  1. Martha Stewart- One of the most influential women in business, she has a tv show, several cookbooks, magazines and cooking accessories. Ok so she spent a little bit f time in the slammer but she’s one of the women who broke into what is typically known to be a man’s world and told them how to run it.
  2. Oprah- There’s no doubt that she’s one of the most influential women in the world and queen of all media. One of the things that you have to love about her is that she gives back to those who are less fortunate, to other women and to the African American community.
  3. Lucille Ball- One of the funniest women who ever lived and the first women to be the head of a television studio. Lucille was an actress at a time when most women were merely housewives . If women worked then they were secretaries or sales people. For a woman to be the head of a television station it was a pretty huge deal.
  4. Joan of Arc- This girl was one of the most famous women leaders in the world. Many people thought that she was crazy, but in reality she was a very strong woman who fought for what she believed in. So much so in fact that she was burned alive.
  5. Cleopatra- One of the most powerful women in history, Cleopatra was a mother, lover, fighter and a politician. She owned the hearts of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony which were the heads of Rome and a good portion of the world. Some may even consider her to be one of the most influential women in history because she knew how to get what she wanted. Having the pride of an immortal queen, Cleopatra took her own life rather than allow the Romans to shame her.
  6. Jane Austin- One of the most influential women writers of all time Jane Austin barely sold any books at all while she wa alive simply because she was a woman with an opinion. Jane never got married and died at a young age but today her books are considered to be classics and are read worldwide by both women and men.
  7. Anna Wintour- One of the most influential women in fashion if not the most influential woman in fashion. Women all over the world look to her for inspiration every season.
  8. Thia Breen- Thia is the founder of Estee Lauder which is one of the top beauty brands in the business. Today, her brand is an umbrella for many other beauty brands and is getting stronger all of the time.
  9. Katharine Hepburn- I love her confidence! When women were walking round in skirts, Katherine threw on a pair of pants and didn’t care what anyone else thought. She also refused to wear makeup when she wasn’t filming and that was a huge no no at the time. She was a woman who believed in herself and that kind of confidence demands respect.
  10. Audrey Hepburn- She was beautiful, talented and a humanitarian.
  11. Mia Hamm- One of the most influential women in sports, Mia proves that girls can play soccer just as well as the guys.
  12. Eleanor Roosevelt-  A true advocate of civil rights and a champion of women.
  13. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- A true style icon and a lady.
  14. Mother Teresa- Her good deeds are endless.
  15. Marie Curie- for taking medicine to the next level, find treatments that are still in use today and for standing up for women’s right in the sciences.
  16. Clara Barton- The American Red Cross would not be here without her.
  17. Amelia Earhart- She gave little girls the ability to dream about flying
  18. Elizabeth Cady- Women owe their right to vote to her.
  19. Nichole Goodyear- The goddess of social media.
  20. Marissa Mayer- She’s done a lot for Google, but all I really care about is that she helped develop Gmail. Less spam!!!

Of course this list can go on and on, but these women have really made an impact on my life and are favorites of my mom’s as well. Happy mother’s day mom!


Which women have influenced your life and why?



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