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5 May


While staying at the beautiful Grand Velas Hotel in Mexico, I got to try out an assortment of Molton Brown products. So if you’ve ever walked past some Molton Brown soaps or hair products and wondered if they’re worth the price or if they’re any good, here is my review.

Molton Brown Soap Featuring Soothing Milk And Oatmeal

The first thing that I noticed about this body soap is that the oatmeal in it acts like an exfoliator because it lightly scratches your skin. It’s not a painful experience at all. In fact it feels good after laying in the sun all day. The soap also works up a great lather which is always nice when you’re taking a shower. Finally, it left my skin feeling soft and radiant. The only problem is that the soap lasted 12 washes before it finished and we had to open another bar. If you want to spoil yourself though, this soap is a great way to do so.

Molton Brown Shampoo – The Radiant Lili-Pili Hairwash

This Molton Brown shampoo is perfect for everyday use. It lathered up nicely and had a beautiful citrusy smell that was light and relaxing. While it’s a great shampoo, it’s not a must have for me because I fee; that I’ve tried other shampoos that have done a similar job.

Molton Brown Conditioner- Radiant Lili-Pili Hair

I wasn’t impressed by the conditioner because I had to use a handful of it just to get half of the knots out of my hair. I also used the conditioner on my daughter’s fine hair and it didn’t work well on her either. On a good note, it does have that same citrusy smell as the Molton Brown shampoo.

Molton Brown Hand Soap – The Ultra Pure Milk Soap

My hands are severely dry due to excessive washing, but the Molton Brown hand soap was up to the challenge. Molton Brown banked on the benefits of milk and how great it is for your skin and came up with a wonderful hand soap that nourishes rather dries the skin. Honestly, it’s one of the best hand soaps that I’ve ever tried.

I guess you can say that while I love Molton Brown soaps, I’m not much of a fan of their hair products which is interesting because the company originally started as a hair salon.


Have you tried any Molton Brown products? What was your experience?



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