What Healthy Foods To Eat Post Bariatric Surgery

28 Apr

Bariatric weight surgery has become popular with many people who are having trouble losing weight and want to live a healthier life. The procedure is fast and has been described by many to be a life changing occurrence that has brought them much happiness. Once you get the surgery done however, it’s not all over. You will now have to reduce the amount that you’re used to eating and start a post bariatric surgery diet. You will basically start off on a liquid diet then graduate to pureed foods and then to soft foods. Here are some foods that you should incorporate in your post-surgery diet.


Since the after bariatric diet will start in the form of a liquid diet you can drink foods such as clear broths, sugar-free gelatins, skim milk, sugar free drinks such as Crystal Light and diluted fruit juices. It’s important that you drink 8 cups of water a day and to sip all of your water and clear food slowly. Your doctor will keep an eye on you over the next few days to be sure that your body has recovered from the surgery before allowing you to move on to the next step of your diet.

Pureed Foods:

Once you’re ready to move on, you can start eating pureed foods such as yogurt, mashed potatoes with gravy, cream of wheat and pureed fruit. You should also start pureeing proteins, especially chicken thighs and incorporate some broth, gravy or skim milk into the puree to keep it moist. Be sure that the food is not chunky and will go down smoothly like apple sauce. This stage lasts about one month.

Soft Foods To Eat:

The next step is to incorporate some soft foods to eat in your diet after bariatric surgery. These soft foods include chicken thighs that have been cut into small pieces, soft or canned fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables and fish. The food that you eat when starting the soft foods regiment should be juicy rather than dry so you should be on a high protein low carb diet. For those people who come from cultures that eat a lot of rice, it is highly recommended that you cut down the amount of rice that you eat drastically and on those rare occasions that you do eat it to substitute white rice with brown rice and to mash up red kidney beans in it so that you will add some juice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Foods to avoid after bariatric surgery include spicy foods, granola, nuts and popcorn as well as hard fruits and vegetables.
  • Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water slowly every day.
  • It should take you 45 minutes to eat your food.
  • You can drink liquids 45 minutes before or 45 minutes after you eat, but do not eat and drink at the same time.
  • Watch the calories in your drinks and juices and stay away from carbonated drinks.
  • If you feel stressed about the bariatric surgery diet that you need to follow, you can go to Weight Watchers and follow their high protein diet that works in association with the post bariatric diet.
  • Take your vitamins.


This diet is certainly not easy, and you should work closely with your physician to make sure that you are doing everything possible so that you stay healthy and live a long life.


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2 Responses to “What Healthy Foods To Eat Post Bariatric Surgery”

  1. Ursula May 1, 2011 at 12:24 am #

    Interesting piece. My best friend works for the National Bariatric Assn. I’m going to pass this along to her. BTW – LOVE the new look of your blog. So fun!

    • Aleya May 4, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

      Thanks! I’m happy that you like it enough to send it to such a reputable friend! Your new design looks great too.