Sisley Sunscreen Review

7 Apr

I met a friend for brunch this weekend and noticed that her skin looked flawless. She looked like she had been on vacation for a few days and came back with a beautiful healthy glow. When I asked her if she had been away she just laughed and said that she had recently started using Sisley skincare, particularly the broad spectrum sunscreen and has been getting compliments from everyone. After seeing what Sisley products did for her, I decided to try it out for myself.

The sales woman recommended the broad spectrum sunscreen comes with an SPF 20 so that I get some nice natural looking color as well as good protection from the sun. Being sold on words such as moisturize, plant extracts and botanical ingredients I spent $155.00 so that I too can look like I’ve just returned from vacation as well.

Final verdict- I’m seriously underwhelmed by the broad spectrum sunscreen. Although Sisley skincare did wonders for my friend’s skin, I found that it was horrible for mine. The sunscreen felt cakey and heavy. I felt as if my skin couldn’t breathe because of the thickness and texture of the cream. Speaking of texture, when I touched my face, it felt like my fingers would sink into the cream even though I just used a drop.

If you want to purchase Sisley cosmetics my recommendation is to try out the products for one day and if you like it then you can buy it. Maybe go to Nordstrom and ask a sales person to apply it for you just so that you can see if you like how it looks and feels on your skin before spending a lot of money on a product that you don’t like.

Have you tried and Sisley cosmetics? What are your thoughts?


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