Featuring Carmen Marc Valvo

1 Apr

I have a gorgeous Carmen Marc Valvo dress in my closet that’s the perfect shade of dusty pink and is sewn in such a way that it holds my torso up and sucks in everything. When you wear one of Carmen’s dresses you truly feel like a beautiful, statuesque lady. It’s no wonder that many women besides myself consider Carmen Marc Valvo gowns to be some of the most elegant, fluid and well-constructed gowns in the world. If you’re not familiar with Carmen’s work, here are some of my favorite dresses (and bathing suits) from his spring 2011 collection.


Carmen Marc Valvo evening dresses for the spring 2011 season include bold colors such as red and royal blue as well as colors that are somewhat toned down such as silver and champagne. Either way, the gowns are all elegant and eye catching.











Carmen Marc Valvo cocktail dresses are just as elegant as the gowns. Again, he tailors the dresses impeccably, creating a sophisticated look.











The Carmen Marc Valvo Couture is perhaps my favorite line because of the beautiful colors and fabrics that Carmen uses. If you have never tried a Carmen Marc Valvo gown and can afford one, I highly recommend trying one on just so that you can see and feel the way the soft fabric flows. It’s like he designs the dresses with movement in mind.












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