Looking For The Best Body Wash There Is? Check Out These Body Wash Reviews

31 Mar

I must have tried something like 30 different types of body washes because I was in search for a moisturizing body wash that would not irritate my sensitive skin and would leave me feeling fresh and clean after a shower. Although I tried the less expensive drug store brands I found that I was unhappy with them. For example, the Nivea body wash left me feeling like I had an invisible foam layer on my skin (they do make great hand cream though!). So I left the popular drug store brands and I tried some that are not as well known, may cost a couple of dollars more, but give me what I want. Here is my body wash reviews in a nutshell.

We’ve all heard about how great olive oil is for your skin, so when I saw that Oliviela makes a 100% olive oil body wash that is Paraben free and rich in vitamins and minerals, I took the opportunity to try it out. When I applied it to my skin, the gel lathered nicely and it had a great citrus scent that wasn’t overwhelming.  The Olivella bath gel also kept my skin feeling soft and refreshed throughout the day. Olivella gets my vote for best moisturizing body wash.

I’m a Kiehl’s fan and have tried out many of their products so of course I had to try the Kieh’s body wash. The creme de corps nurturing body wash is a hydrating body wash that includes ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba butter which moisturize the skin and leave it feeling clean and fresh. As always, Kiehl’s has met my expectations and has delivered one of the best body washed out there.

If you had a chance to read my Victoria’s Secret Lipstick Beauty Review you know that after trying out their lipstick, I said that I would try out their other products. I found that Victoria’s Secret makes a organic body wash that is packed with organic mint to exfoliate the skin and organic coffee beans to energize it. Thanks to the natural ingredients that they use in their Energizing body wash the scent really delivers a great punch! I didn’t get as much lather as I did with the first two products, but this natural body wash is certainly worth a try.

Finally there’s a cleansing body wash by Boots. The one that I tried out is the Mediterranean almond wheatgerm & milk which is another all natural body wash. This bath body wash left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. However, I should point out that if you really want to get the best possible results try it out with the scrub and cream to get your skin feeling like a baby’s butt (read Mediterranean Almond Line Review for more information). Boots gets my vote for the best organic body wash.

I have all four of these body washes and love them all. While I may try out other brands, I don’t think that I would ever stop using any of these because they work well for me.

Which brands have you used that you love?


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