Fresh Skin Care Review: Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment

30 Mar

I first fell in love with Fresh skincare when I tried their Milk Milk body lotion. The lotion left my skin feeling so smooth that I felt impelled to try out other Fresh beauty products. The first one on the list is a scented hand cream called the fresh sugar blossom hand treatment.  As implied by the name, this cream is made from Hibiscus flowers, real sugar and even some citrus extracts.

The people at Fresh state that the Hibiscus acids prevent dry skin buildup without irritating the skin, the sugar helps to keep the skin hydrated and keeps it from chapping and the citrus extracts restores clarity, tones  and keeps the skin hydrated. All this sounds wonderful, but does it work? Yes, it does! The Fresh hand cream kept my hands soft for an extended period of time. It feels nice on and dries instantly, not leaving a greasy feeling on your hands which some other hand creams do. Another bonus is that it didn’t was off easily.

The only downside to this product is that the smell of the Hibiscus flower is very strong when the cream is first applied to the hands. It does get better after a few minutes though and isn’t too irritating.

Have you tried any Fresh products? What was your experience?


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