What Causes Hair Loss In Women

29 Mar

I stepped out of the shower and threw a bunch of hairs in the trash, then I went to work and noticed a couple of hairs that fell onto my desk and finally, a friend reached over and removed a fallen hair from my sweater. I had heard that on average people lose about 80 hairs per day, but after seeing so many hairs fall out in one day, I was very worried about losing my hair and started researching how to prevent hair loss in women and hair loss remedies for women. Here’s what I found:


Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

  1. 1. Hormonal Changes:
  • When DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) attaches itself to the receptors of the hair follicles, it shrinks the hair follicle and ultimately causes the hair to die.
  • If the levels of DHT or testosterone in a woman’s body go up or down, even if they are considered to be within a normal range by your doctor, you can still experience hair loss because of the change in your hormones.
  • Women experience a big drop in hormone levels as they approach menopause and this change can be a cause of hair loss in women.
  • When a woman’s body has a rise of Androgenic alopecia (a male hormone) in her body, she will experience a change in her hormones. This change can happen for many reasons including the  use of some birth control pills, menopause and pregnancy.
  • If you go on the pill you will certainly have less of a chance to get pregnant, but your hormones can change as well, therefore affecting your hair growth.
  1. 2. Something Affects The Hair Follicle
  • Pulling your hair back in tight hairstyles can cause damage to your hair follicles and stop the hair from growing.
  • If your body goes through a stressful experience such as extreme stress, child birth, or a bad diet, after several weeks, your hair may stop growing and may simply start falling out.
  • Chemotherapy can have a traumatizing effect because the procedure stops the majority of your hair follicles from growing.


So basically what I found was that hormonal changes and putting severe stress on your body are causes for hair loss in women. Not much new here because these causes also cause certain diseases such as cancer. However, it’s still good to know.


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