2011 Accessories Trends

15 Mar

Awesome sunglasses by Jill Sander!

Every time I look in my closet I can never find something I would like to wear so I start dreaming that it would be nice to go shopping and get some new outfits. I can overcome this desire on most days, but it gets worst when I get an unexpected invitation to go out.  There are 2 solutions for this problem:

  • to buy yourself new things every week (which can be very pricey)
  • try to add various interesting accessories to your everyday outfits  which, of course, you also have to buy, but it’s clearly cheaper. For example, a pair of new colorful  shoes will make an old boring outfit look fresh and new!

Here are some accessories from 2011 Milan’s fashion week that I l would like to incorporate into my wardrobe:



Can't go wrong with this Cavalli necklace.











Add color with this Fendi bag.











Fun Missoni shoes.












Roberto Cavalli goes native.











Futuristic glasses by Prada.








Must have sexy shoes by Versace.











Pretty florals by Versus











White hot by Versace.












Which accessories have you found that you would like to add to your wardrobe?


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